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Henry Ward Beecher once said, “We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” Parents give everything to their families, and yet sometimes there is struggle and turmoil. Depth Counseling can help you cope with the challenges of parenting.

Common parenting struggles

Henry Ward Beecher once said, “We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” Parents give everything to their families, and yet sometimes there is struggle and turmoil. Just like any new group, families often go through a process of group formation (Bonebright, 2010). As the family grows and develops, issues tend to arise around certain behaviors, relationships, and the roles taken on by family members.

In other words, the joys of raising a family also come with growing pains. Here at Depth Counseling, we specialize in helping parents navigate those pains by identifying detrimental patterns and promoting healthy habits through our parenting therapy services in Chicago IL. Some of the most common parenting issues we help people with during therapy on the parent-child interaction include:

  • Disobedience or rebelliousness
  • Low motivation (academic, physical health, etc.)
  • Sleep hygiene (going to bed and waking up on time)
  • Lying or hiding
  • Frequent conflicts or arguments with siblings or parents
  • Aggression
  • Self-harm behaviors
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Frequent complaining or whining
  • Addiction to cell phones, video games, and/or television
  • Risky behaviors (drug use, sexual promiscuity, etc.)

Often, parents feel overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to dealing with difficult child-rearing. Here at Depth Counseling, we specialize in helping parents improve their skills as providers by analyzing patterns of communication skills, reflecting on roles and responsibilities, and finding effective solutions to family problems with parenting therapy services. 

If you feel overwhelmed or lost in your role as a parent, or if your family struggles to work together as a unit, we can help by providing individual counseling for parents and/or children, as well as joint parent-child counseling services. Contact Depth Counseling today to learn how our team can help your family get back on track!

Triangulation: Parent / Parent -> Child

How can therapy help with parenting?

Individual psychotherapy for parents, as well as therapy for the parent-child unit, can be an excellent way to improve your parenting style and increase family well-being. Parents can meet individually, as couples, or as a family with their therapist to process emotions and communicate needs in a safe, confidential space. Psychotherapists are specifically trained to notice healthy and unhealthy interactions, which means that parents and children can learn how to meet each other’s needs and expectations better.

One example of unhealthy interaction can be seen through what psychologists refer to as Triangulation (see diagram above).

Families tend to develop patterns for processing their stress with one another. However, some families fall into an unhealthy pattern of processing with some members and not others. We often see Triangulation occur between parents, where the parents process issues about their partner with the child rather than with each other. Parent-child therapy and parenting counseling provide a space for these patterns to be addressed in a safe, non-judgmental way that helps the family build better ways of working together.

Psychotherapy for parents in Chicago

How can Depth Counseling help?

Psychodynamic psychotherapists take therapy for parenting skills one step further by identifying underlying beliefs held by parents and children that may contribute to family problems (Cohen, 2004). We specialize in providing these insights to our clients as they continue to enhance their family dynamics. If you have difficulties with your parenting approach or if your family struggles to communicate effectively, do not wait. Contact Depth Counseling today and set your family on track for wellness.

Depth Counseling offers individual and couples counseling services for adults and families here in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area. Sessions are entirely confidential and held in the comfort of our offices on the North Side and the Loop. Once you connect with us, we can schedule your first appointment with one of our providers based on fit and availability. We deeply value the therapeutic relationship, and we strive to demonstrate that value to each of our clients.

As you work on your parenting approach with one of our family therapists, you will notice:

  • Increased awareness about familial patterns
  • Enhanced family cohesion and trust
  • Reduced frequency of conflicts
  • Greater capacity for empathy and compassion
  • Improvements in child obedience and behavior
  • Openness and vulnerability with siblings and parents

Each of our family therapists is dedicated to providing a safe space for families and parents to overcome their struggles. We are passionate about serving our community through thorough treatment and diagnosis, empathy, better understanding, and client-centered care.If you have difficulties with anger, anxiety, depression, or trauma, Depth Counseling can help. Do not just wait for things to get better — contact us today.


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