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Vanessa M. Baie, LCSW | Depth Counseling

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  • Anger
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  • Anxiety
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  • Depression
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  • Parenting
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  • Substance Use/Addiction
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  • Trauma/PTSD
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  • Women's Issues


The most powerful form of healing is being heard. I am committed to providing you a safe, secure, and judgment free space to get to know yourself better and explore the patterns present in your daily living and relationships. Together we will work to understand the roots of your history and embrace your natural resilience and strength.

I work using tools of introspection, reflection, and empathetic listening for you to better understand your experiences and your feelings and responses to them, even when they might not be distinctly visible on the surface. I believe in the power of being genuinely present with my patients in a nurturing environment and working together to build authentic collaboration within the therapeutic relationship. I value the uniqueness of each patient and recognize the systems of oppression and injustice that often intersect (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, family and societal roles and expectations, etc.) and can have a profound impact on someone’s daily life and well-being.

Starting therapy can be intimidating and scary, but I invite you to come as you are and begin this journey toward personal growth, healing, and inner self acceptance. It is an honor to join you.


PhD Candidate, Institute for Clinical Social Work, Clinical Social Work

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