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Starting out when we are infants, we are taking cues from our caregivers and our environment to learn how to regulate and soothe when distressed and when faced with conflict. Our caregivers and our environment are also teaching us ways of relating to both the people who are important to us and to ourselves. The ways of coping and relating we are given as babies are typically reinforced throughout our childhood, and we take them with us into adulthood. If are you coming to therapy, you may find it is because these ways of coping and relating are no longer working for you. Maybe you find yourself wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns of behavior; why your relationships seem similar in their dissatisfaction; why your emotions feel so strong and overwhelming and out of your control; or why you keep asking yourself why you’re feeling stuck in life. My role as your therapist is to serve as a guide to provide insight and awareness into these patterns and ways of coping that have simply become unsustainable for you. The hope is that as we gain insight and awareness around these patterns and why they exist, we can find new ways of relating that are in line with who we want to be.

My work heavily draws upon from attachment theory and research surrounding the impact of early childhood experiences. My style as a therapist is deeply relational, and I prioritize building a strong therapeutic alliance to serve as the foundation to your self-exploration. I provide a warm, open and empathic space for you to explore and reflect. I offer validation and compassion when necessary; I ask though-provoking questions to get you to reflect more deeply on yourself. I may also be directive and provide insight and reflection in the hopes of getting you to confront any barriers, resistance, and avoidance that inevitably arise in this work. I also believe in a strengths-based approach and try to meet every client where they are at.

I understand this work can be intimidating and scary at times, but the therapeutic process is an investment yourself and your well-being; it is more than deserved. I hope I can join you on this journey!


MA, The University of Chicago, Social Work

BA, The Ohio State University, English Literature and Art History

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