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122 S Michigan Ave, Suite 1432
Chicago, IL 60603


  • Adoptees
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  • Anxiety
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  • Cultural Distress
  • ·
  • Depression
  • ·
  • Developmental Disorders
  • ·
  • Identity
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  • Relationships/Attachment
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  • Self-Esteem
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  • Women's Issues


Many people seek out therapy during a time that feels particularly challenging. Though the difficulties that we face can often seem clearly recognizable, the experience of going through a loss, a life transition, or the end of a relationship can have deep and overwhelming impacts. Sometimes, as a person navigates these challenges, they can come to feel stuck within an emotional experience, an idea, or the way that they tend to relate to themselves and others. It might help you to know that, with time and dedication, many people uncover new possibilities, meanings, and ways of being through therapy.

As a clinician, I utilize curiosity, courage, and emotional attunement to explore how a person’s unique needs, hopes, and difficulties might inform the way that we come to work together. As the therapeutic process unfolds, I will help you to explore who you are both within and beyond the experiences that have shaped you.

I am confident that this approach to treatment can help facilitate lasting and meaningful change. If you believe we may be a good fit, contact me today for a free consultation.


MA, Westminster College, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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