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122 S Michigan Ave, Suite 1433
Chicago, IL 60603


  • Artists
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  • Borderline Personality (BPD)
  • ·
  • Child/Adolescent/Teen
  • ·
  • Complex Trauma
  • ·
  • Death
  • ·
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • ·
  • Healthcare/Emergency/Frontline Professionals
  • ·
  • Mood Disorders
  • ·
  • Parenting
  • ·
  • Perinatal Loss
  • ·
  • Psychedelic/Meditative Experiences
  • ·
  • Psychosis and Extreme States
  • ·
  • Recurrent Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss
  • ·
  • Religion/Spirituality/Faith
  • ·
  • Religious Leaders
  • ·
  • Schizophrenia/Psychosis
  • ·
  • Social/Cultural/Religious Experience
  • ·
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • ·
  • Terminal Illness


For many of us, it is not easy to find the words to say what is most important to us, to express what we may feel or intimate – whether painful or pleasurable – at the limits of our experience. Grief, loss, and change challenge us to renegotiate – in our bodies, in our thoughts – earlier and similar transformations in our lives. This process stirs up emotions, thoughts, images, and bodily experiences that those around us – and often ourselves – have difficulty receiving, much less considering. In our work together, I will attend with integrity to whatever expressions of body, mind, and heart that arise; there is no rush to clinically parse and diagnose expressions fundamental to our shared human experience. From there, together we will create a space in which to discover those things at enter our attention from just beyond the limits of our present language. We will consider dreams, bodily experiences, images and silences. In this work that requires patience of us both, and as you speak freely about whatever enters your mind, I will listen attentively as you discover and connect the elements of your own history, desires, associations, and a genuine – even transformative – sense of humor in the service of your own psychological, spiritual, and embodied personal narrative.

My approach, grounded in psychoanalysis, is informed by my training as an anthropologist and over 20 years of experience as a massage therapist/bodyworker in clinical and hospital settings, as a clinical chaplain in adult and pediatric inpatient and ER settings, and ongoing pediatric and adult hypnotherapy (NPHTI, ASCH) training. Alongside my work at Depth and Openings, I am the palliative in-patient massage therapist in a pediatric hospital on Chicago’s South side (NICU, PICU, Hem/Onc). In by role at Depth and Openings, I see children, adolescents, and adults work most often with those dealing with grief, loss, life-transforming (e.g., gender discernment), and life-limiting conditions (e.g., cancer, sickle cell disease). I also welcome those in the process of spiritual discernment and have a background in spirituality and rituals of the major religious traditions. Those who no longer identify with a tradition, are atheist or agnostic or discerning are also welcome as are those struggling with difficulties related to meditative practice or psychedelic experiences. Additionally, veterans, healthcare professionals and frontline workers find it helpful at times to talk with those who already know something of what it is like to be in those settings.

For both adult and pediatric patients, I recommend that we start with weekly consultations. If it is a good fit, we will continue working together twice a week.


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Anthropology

BA, University of Illinois at Chicago, Psychology

MDiv (Candidate), The University of Chicago Divinity School

Advanced Certificate in Self Psychology (Candidate), Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago

Member, Chicago Psychoanalytic Circle of the Freudian School of Québec

Pediatric Palliative Massage Therapist, The University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital

Instructor, Infant Massage, The University of Chicago Medicine Family Birth Center

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