Ana Briones, MA LPC

Community Outreach Coordinator

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Ana Briones, MA LPC | Depth Counseling

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  • Anxiety
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  • Cultural Distress
  • ·
  • Depression
  • ·
  • Immigration
  • ·
  • Life Transitions
  • ·
  • Mixed-Race Issues
  • ·
  • Peer Relationships
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  • Race/Disenfranchised Populations
  • ·
  • Relationships/Attachment
  • ·
  • Trauma/PTSD


It is my belief that the most important relationship we can cultivate is the one that we have with ourselves. This relationship is reflected in our everyday life and enables us to heal and grow. However, during challenging times we may need someone alongside us as we work to understand the inner workings of ourselves. I believe therapy is a space for you to show up as your true unedited self, free of worry and expectations.

My goal is to support you as you work towards breaking away from thoughts and behaviors that hinder your healing process. Together we will co-create a warm and empathic space where you can share your stories and begin to find peace, safety, and harmony with all parts of your authentic self. By exploring the past, we can identify the roots of patterns that no longer serve you. I strive to help my clients deepen their self-awareness and build upon their strengths to empower themselves in creating intentional, meaningful changes in their lives and relationships. Nobody makes change until they truly feel accepted for who they are, no matter what that looks like.

To me, relationships are sacred in the process of healing. There is not a single theory, counseling model, or intervention that captures the spirit of relationships. I honor the agency of each person and the multiple ways of being, healing, and learning. As people, we are made for connection, and I focus on the connection I have with my clients. You’ll find that I tend to lean more casual than clinical in practice with a touch of lightheartedness and humor as we take on the hard work of healing.


MA, Northwestern University, The Family Institute, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

BA, Benedictine University, Psychology

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