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Alexander Stern Connolly, JD LSW | Depth Counseling

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  • Anger
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  • Anxiety
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  • Child/Adolescent/Teen
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  • Depression
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  • Existential Concerns
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  • Gender/Sexuality
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  • Identity
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  • Life Transitions
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  • Relationships/Attachment
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  • Substance Use/Addiction
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  • Trauma/PTSD
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  • Young Adults


For many of us, there are times when we stop making sense to ourselves. We might notice patterns in our behavior we can’t explain, or our feelings and narratives stop lining up.

These moments of recognition are often scary and painful, but they are also invitations. Psychotherapy is a way of accepting these invitations to investigate, rewrite, and revive. It can relieve unnecessary suffering and help us to discover/create meaning. Moreover, it can open up new pathways towards fulfillment in love and work.

The road to lasting change is rarely straight or smooth. But it need not – perhaps cannot – be walked alone. One of the therapist’s roles is to accompany the patient wherever they need to go. In this way, therapy is deeply interpersonal, a project rooted in relationship and co-creation.

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MSW, USC School of Social Work

JD, NYU School of Law

BA, Stanford University, Philosophy

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