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Sliding-scale therapy in Chicago

Making the life decision to seek therapy for an emotional issue or problematic mental health concern is critical to one’s well-being. Unfortunately, it is common for people who need therapy to avoid it because of financial concerns. Depth Counseling is excited to provide low-fee and sliding scale therapy work in Chicago, offered by dynamically trained clinicians and graduate students. We believe depth-oriented therapy should be available to people at all income levels.

When you need help through therapy, income should not be the inhibiting factor. Sliding scale psychotherapy is based on your situation and income. The majority of people who come to our Loop/Downtown, Lincoln Square/Ravenswood, or Hyde Park office get access to mental health professionals to help them face their mental health challenges head-on, in spite of financial obstacles.

What is sliding-scale therapy?

Therapy can be a big investment, but the cost of therapy shouldn’t prevent you from getting the mental health support you deserve. Depth Counseling believes in making therapy accessible and affordable to everyone through sliding-scale therapy.

Sliding scale therapy is a flexible fee structure that adjusts the cost of therapy based on your income and financial situation. This means you pay a reduced rate compared to our standard therapy fees.

Some benefits of choosing sliding-scale therapy:

  • Affordable therapy
  • Reduced fee
  • Focus on progress
  • Quality care
  • Peace of mind

Sliding-scale therapy makes counseling more accessible to individuals and families who might not otherwise be able to afford therapy. However, it doesn’t mean such therapy would have a lower quality. Our sliding-scale therapists are experienced professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve your mental health goals. 

If you are not sure about the cost of therapy or have a limited budget, sliding scale therapy could be a great option. By reducing the financial burden, you can focus on your progress in therapy and prioritize your mental well-being.

How does sliding-scale therapy work?

If you want to opt for our sliding-scale therapy, there are a few simple steps you have to follow. So we can better help you.

  • Step 1: Reach Out to Us: The first step is simply reaching out to us. There’s no shame in needing financial assistance for therapy. Our intake team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process confidentially.
  • Step 2: Documentation and Verification: We’ll need some documentation to verify your income and evaluate your eligibility for a reduced rate. These documents include your recent paystubs, tax returns, or other relevant documents. All your information will be kept confidential.
  • Step 3: Deciding Sliding Scale Rates: Our therapist will work with you to find a therapy fee based on your income and the sliding scale fee structure and that should fit your budget comfortably. This fee will be comparably lower than our standard rate, so you can access therapy easily without worrying about the cost.
  • Final Step: Transparency and Open Communication: We’ll be honest and transparent with you about our sliding-scale arrangement, and we expect the same from you. The more upfront you are about your financial situation, the better we can provide you with a therapy plan that works right for you.

How are sliding-scale fees for therapy calculated? 

Sliding-scale psychotherapy is designed to give people affordable access to therapy. The fees for sliding-scale mental health services are determined by looking at your income and life circumstances. Insurance is accepted, as well. However, if your health insurance does not cover psychotherapy and you are ineligible for Medicaid, we will slide our fee as low as $50 per session.

Please note that not every provider at Depth Counseling is currently available for sliding scales. We suggest that you contact the therapist of your choosing to inquire about potential openings. If you are unsure of which therapist to choose, please call our main number:  312-548-8982

Discuss accessing sliding scale fees with your therapist

While our intake team can initiate the sliding-scale process, you may also want to discuss it directly with your therapist. Open communication can create a successful therapy session. Therapists understand that financial limitations are a reality for many people. Provide honest information about your income so they can accurately determine if you qualify for a reduced rate. 

But before discussing, do some research beforehand. You can visit our website or call our intake team to get a general idea of the standard fee structure, if it’s within your budget, or how the sliding scale works at Depth Counseling. 

While cost is an important factor, you also have to get a therapist with whom you can be comfortable sharing your issues. Discuss your therapeutic goals and ask questions about their approach. If your financial situation or preferences change after you choose to go with standard fees, you can also discuss it with your therapist. They may adjust your fees accordingly.

By talking openly and honestly with your therapist, you can explore the possibilities of sliding-scale therapy and find a way to get affordable mental health support. Reach out to us, and let’s find a solution that works for you.

Issues we treat at Depth Counseling

Our goal at Depth Counseling is to go deeper than just casual talk therapy. Our psychoanalysis/psychotherapy approach is designed to uncover the sources of emotional suffering. In addition to showing you the tools to work through issues, we guide you to true healing through comprehensive, professional counseling.

While we specialize in treating people with anxiety and depression, we also offer: 

Insurance we accept

BCBS PPO and Blue Cross Community Health Plans IL Medicaid


The sliding scale fee is based upon income/life circumstances, and will be determined by you and your clinician during your first session. Please contact info@depthcounseling.org for more information on low fee-therapy or request an appointment directly with one of our students.

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