Group therapy in Chicago

Group psychotherapy involves several patients gathering together with a therapist to talk, support one another, and share a common experience in a safe setting. There is a lot of potential for emotional healing in mental health group therapy. Not only do you receive skilled guidance, but also personal encouragement and connection with others who are in similar situations.

Current & Upcoming Sessions

Shift: Clinical Groups for Religious Experience and Identity

Beginning the week of September 5, 2023

1. Process Group for Religious Identity & Experience  (open group)

IRL: Wednesdays, 6pm
Online: Thursdays, 6pm

Who: Adults who wish to process their experience of religion

What (task): To process religious identity & religious experience in a group setting. 

Where: Downtown office / online

Cost: Pay what you want (minimum $50 per session)

2. Transition Group (closed group) 10 weeks

IRL: Mondays, 6pm
Online: Thursdays, 5pm

Who: People who are just before, going through, or just after change in religious affiliation

What (task): To accompany folks making decisions to shift their relationship to religion.

When: Tuesday Evenings, 7pm (Starting in September)

Where: Downtown Office, Online 

Cost: Pay what you want (minimum $50 per session) 

Contact Scott Garlinger for more information or to enroll:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group

When: Tuesdays 5:30–7:15pm
Where: Online via Zoom

Depth Counseling approaches DBT like a “Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp” and we believe these skills complement depth-oriented individual psychotherapy. We offer practical strategies for managing strong emotions as well as building, navigating and strengthening relationships. DBT is particularly useful to individuals struggling with or in recovery from eating disorders, addiction, self-injury, trauma, and impulsive and compulsive behaviors. It can also be very helpful for folks that frequently have no idea how they feel.

Each module is eight weeks long, incorporates Mindfulness, and focuses on one of the three DBT Skill Areas: Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. The groups are open to all genders age sixteen and up. Group members are strongly encouraged to commit to the whole six-month cycle of training, and some group members stay for several cycles to reinforce their learning. New members can join at the start of each module, following an intake appointment.

Group members will need to purchase this book and must be in their own individual therapy.  For more information or to schedule your intake, email Jenna at  


Intake Fee: $130*  
Module Fee: $520 for eight weeks*

*Sliding-scale spaces for those experiencing financial hardship. BCBS PPO accepted. No intake required if currently in therapy with the group leader. Members commit to a full eight-week module at a time but will be billed weekly. UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT MEDICAID FOR OUR GROUP THERAPY. WE ARE ALSO UNABLE TO OFFER A SLIDING SCALE TO ANYONE WITH MEDICAID COVERAGE.

How does group therapy work?

Group psychotherapy involves several patients gathering together with a therapist to talk, support one another, and share a common experience in a safe setting. There is a lot of potential for emotional healing in mental health group therapy. Not only do you receive skilled guidance, but also personal encouragement and connection with others who are in similar situations.

At Depth Counseling, our qualified therapists offer expert, compassionate group therapy in Chicago that is designed to equip patients with skills to better manage and respond to the challenges of life. While group therapy sessions can be used independently of other therapeutic methods, they are most often part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes additional techniques for healing, such as medication and individual therapy.

Benefits of group therapy

In group counseling, participants are given a place in which to connect with others who are facing similar issues and concerns — often in a more affordable setting than one-on-one therapy. Members can develop communication skills and self-awareness while also fostering mutual support and understanding.

Coming together as a group provides opportunities to receive and give encouragement for each participant. Talking and sharing can help make people feel less alone and create a sanctuary for growth. At the same time, professional therapists can observe how each person responds to others in a social setting, which could lead to helpful feedback on an individual level.

Group Therapy in Chicago | Group Counseling in Chicago

Issues addressed in group therapy

There are a variety of issues that can be addressed effectively in the context of a group. Depression, for example, is a condition that has specifically been shown to improve from cognitive behavioral group therapy. Psychotherapy in a group setting can also work well for other conditions, including panic disorders, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, substance abuse issues, social phobias, or a bipolar condition.

Additionally, there are groups that focus on major transitions in life. What makes therapy in a group setting so beneficial for all these situations is its ability to assure individuals that they are not alone. It provides a safe space for working through and resolving problems.

Choose Depth Counseling.

If you need group support, are looking for skilled psychotherapy, and/or want help facing life’s challenges, Depth Counseling is here for you. Our experienced, compassionate therapists go deeper with clients through psychoanalytic psychotherapy. We are passionate about giving you a safe space to explore your psychological world and move toward health and healing — whether in a group setting or individual therapy sessions.

Our practice focuses on getting to the root of problems. We offer a warm, collaborative environment in which you can learn to overcome obstacles and work to achieve your dreams and goals alongside other patients. Gathering with individuals who have similar experiences allows you to benefit from the power of human connection.

To understand your emotional life in greater depth, you need a clinician with the strength of training. That is what we offer at Depth Counseling. To learn more about receiving optimal and effective counseling in a group setting at our center, reach out anytime. Contact us today!

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Click here to learn more about our fantastic team of mental health clinicians. Our providers offer specialty services in both individual and couples counseling. In addition to psychotherapy, we also offer the chance to engage in Psychoanalysis—a specific long-term and intensive treatment model. Our practice draws heavily from Psychodynamic theory, which has been shown to be incredibly effective through multiple research efforts (see Shedler, 2010).

It’s not just in the name—Depth Counseling is about moving beyond basic counseling techniques to understand deeper parts of your psyche. Get more out of your treatment, and experience the healing power of Depth Counseling.

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