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A Poetics Of The Drive

A Poetics of the Drive: Freud, Lacan, Moths and Poetry

February 13, 2023 | 10am CST

To explore a poetics of the drive, Dr. Annie G. Rogers brings to her talk original prints of moths and lines of poetry that grew out of her daily practice of writing and drawing during the the Covid pandemic—alongside her clinical practice as an analyst—over a period of four months.

Emotional Legacy Of Systemic Racism

SEMINAR: Examining the Emotional Legacy of Systemic Racism

NOVEMBER 6, 2021 | 10am CST

This live supervision seminar was presented in partnership with The Kedzie Center. This online seminar provided a live view of how two psychoanalysts from two different countries and with different racial identities think and learn about race in the clinical setting. This discussion between Dionne Powell, a Black American clinician, and Amanda Kottler, a White South African Clinician was moderated by Huey Hawkins, Jr., a Black American clinician from St. Louis.

The Individuated Dividual

SEMINAR: The Individuated Dividual or What is Culture Good For?

JUNE 4, 2021 | 6:00–7:30pm CST

Depth Counseling’s first live supervision seminar was presented in partnership with the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts at the University of Chicago, and Yellowbrick Consultation and Treatment Center as part of the 2021 Weissbourd Dialogues. This seminar explored the emotional world of a first-generation Indian American as he struggles with cultural expectations of personhood that differ from the normative American conceptions of individuality. Case presented by Sean M. Dowdy, PhD, with clinical supervision by Usha Tummala-Narra, PhD.

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