Body Shame On Polemic Nation

Jenna White, MA LCPC discusses body shame on Polemic Nation

Does body shaming affect me?

Javier Luna, the creator of the podcast “Polemic Nation,” recently sat down with Jenna White, LCPC to discuss her blog post about body shame, the culture of body shaming and how its micro and macro aggressions directly affect our perceptions of our bodies. Together they explore questions like: Does body shame affect me? Am I body shaming others? What should I do if I feel ashamed of my body? Why is weight-loss complicated? Why is “thin” considered synonymous with “healthy”? And how do I talk to my kids about their bodies?

Polemic Nation is a series of conversations with people that have experience in multiple fields such as climate change, mass media, politics, or fashion. These organic talks cover controversial topics from different perspectives. The mission of Polemic Nation is to entertain you and inform you wherever you are.

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