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Anger management therapy in Chicago

Anger is a basic emotion that helps us know when something is wrong, when something has hurt us, or when something threatens our safety. With Depth Counseling’s therapy for anger management treatment, Chicago area residents can begin to address the challenges anger presents in their lives.

What causes anger?

Much like joy, fear, excitement, or sadness, anger is a natural emotional experience. The human body has perfected the art of responding to its environment, and in many ways, our emotions act like a sensory organ that informs us about our world.

Anger is a basic emotion that helps us know when something is wrong, when something has hurt us, or when something threatens safety (see Williams, 2017). Although all of us experience these feelings from time to time, anger can sometimes lead to unhealthy or disruptive behaviors. We try to cope with our anger by yelling or acting out or numbing through drinking or television. This creates a cycle of pain, rage, and avoidance.

Rage -> Pain -> Avoidance

Some common warning signs of anger issues include:

  • Irritability (particularly in children)
  • Frequent conflict with others
  • Difficulty expressing anger or other emotions
  • Recent loss or major life event
  • Making threats
  • Physical aggression
  • Self-harm
  • Easily upset by stressors
  • Patterns of relationship ruptures

Over time, problematic anger can lead to serious social and health-related consequences (Deffenbacher et al., 1996; Krantz & McCeney, 2002; Chida & Steptoe, 2009), so finding help is critical. For example, people who experience anger problems tend to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), high blood pressure, interpersonal problems, and isolation.
We know how difficult the cycle of anger can be, and we know that finding help is also difficult. If you have noticed struggles with anger in your life, do not wait. Contact Depth Counseling today—and let us begin the healing process together. We specialize in helping adults and families address anger through psychotherapy and collaborative support.  Our team of therapists can help you learn effective coping skills while also developing a deeper understanding of yourself and improving your mental health.

Anger Management Chicago | Depth Counseling

Signs indicating when and why you may need anger management counseling

Anger is a normal human emotion, a natural response to feeling threatened, frustrated or hurt. However, when anger becomes excessive, uncontrollable or interferes with your daily life, it can be a sign of a serious issue. In such situations, anger can be an intense emotion to manage and can impact mental health. 

If you are finding that your anger is causing problems in your life, it might be time to consider anger management counseling. 

Some common signs that you might need anger management counseling:

  • You frequently get into arguments with loved ones, friends or co-workers. 
  • You find it difficult to express your anger in a healthy way. 
  • You bottle up your anger, which can lead to resentment and outbursts. 
  • You’ve engaged in physical aggression, such as hitting, shoving or throwing things. 
  • You have thoughts of hurting yourself or others.
  • You’re easily upset by minor stressors. 
  • Your anger is damaging your relationships and work life.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, you should reach out for help. Anger management counseling can teach you how to cope with anger in a healthy way, address your mental health issues, improve your communication skills and build stronger relationships. Our anger management therapist can help you manage your anger and live a more fulfilling life.

How can therapy help my anger?

Psychotherapy (also called therapy or counseling) is the most effective treatment option for managing anger issues (DiGiuseppe & Tafrate, 2003). Mental health professionals are trained to help people like you identify the roots of your anger, develop a sense of curiosity and self-compassion, and learn new ways of responding to stress and hurt through anger management techniques. Psychotherapy services are completely confidential and primarily held one-on-one between you and your anger management therapist. This provides a safe space for you to be your authentic self without worry of judgment or shame.

In addition to learning effective coping skills, such as mindfulness and affect regulation, your experience in anger management psychotherapy should be one of self-discovery. Psychodynamic therapists, such as those here at Depth Counseling, focus on your issues in the context of your personality and unique life story (McWilliams, 1994). Do not let anger continue to bring stress and grief to your life. At Depth Counseling, you can receive anger management treatment to help you find healing.

How can Depth Counseling help?

We offer individual and couples counseling services for adults and families in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding area. Our anger management techniques are very simple. Anger management therapy sessions are entirely confidential and held in the comfort of our offices in Ravenswood, the Loop and Hyde Park. Once you connect with us, we can schedule your first appointment with one of our providers based on fit and availability. We deeply value the therapeutic relationship, and we strive to demonstrate that value to each of our clients.

As you meet with your anger management therapist, you will notice:

  • Increased awareness and control
  • Deeper introspection and self-curiosity
  • Insight regarding potentially harmful life patterns
  • A greater understanding of your unique personality
  • Decreased feelings of stress
  • Improvements in social relationships
  • Feelings of compassion and forgiveness

Each of our therapists is dedicated to providing a safe space where you can explore your psychological world. We are passionate about serving our community through thorough anger management treatment and diagnosis, empathic understanding, and client-centered care.
If you have difficulties with anger, anxiety, depression, or trauma, Depth Counseling can help. Do not just wait for things to get better—contact us today.


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