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Many people turn to psychotherapy, or counseling, for insight and support in addressing life’s challenges.  If you are facing a stressful transition, feel worried or depleted, lack confidence or direction, or find yourself caught in negative relationship patterns, we might be able to help.  We will work to create a warm and collaborative environment, so that you can harness your inner resources, overcome obstacles and move more fully towards your goals and dreams.

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Your Mental Health


Anger is a basic emotion that helps us know when something is wrong, when something has hurt us, or when something threatens our safety.

The  causes of anxiety may be conscious or unconscious. Your  experience might include distractedness, confusion, trouble thinking, anticipated rejection or abandonment, a sense of being lost, overwhelmed, or engulfed, and intense panic.

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a psychotherapist helps partners in a romantic relationship gain insight into underlying tensions, conflicts or frustrations in order to resolve problems and improve overall relationship satisfaction.

You might experience of a loss of sexual desire, irritability, restlessness, headaches, back pain and constipation. You might also notice fatigue, low energy, weight loss or gain, and insomnia.

When we lose something, we often feel a sense of hurt. Hurt lets us know that what we lost was meaningful or important. Although the hurt can fade with time, sometimes loss leaves us feeling empty or broken. These feelings of grief can keep us from living the life we want or need.

Although sexual orientation or gender identity might not be a source of distress, many people do find that the social stigma of living as a minority can increase stress, worry, and trauma responses. The internalization of fear and negative judgment can amplify and reinforce external social pressures, creating intense suffering.

Henry Ward Beecher once said that “we never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” Parents give everything to their families, and yet sometimes there is struggle and turmoil.

When your relationship is getting serious, and it seems like marriage is on the horizon, it is to be expected that you and your partner will experience tensions, and perhaps some new problems, which should be addressed before embarking on your life together.

When we are physically harmed, our bodies go through a process of repair and restructuring. Bones fuse back together, cuts coagulate and scab, and bruises swell. Although our bodies are quite good at healing themselves over time, some injuries tend to endure.






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