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Are you looking for psychotherapy? Many people turn to therapy or counseling for insight and support in addressing life’s challenges. If you are facing stressful life transitions, feel worried or depleted, lack confidence or direction, or find yourself caught in negative relationship patterns, Depth Counseling might be able to help you have a fulfilling life. We will work to create a warm and collaborative environment, so that you can harness your inner resources, overcome obstacles and move more fully towards your goals and dreams.

We offer mental health services in Chicago, IL, and in Austin and Houston, TX. For more information on counseling services in Chicago or Austin/Houston, TX, please call us at 312‑786‑4990 or email us at

Improve your mental health by working with a counselor or therapist in Chicago or Austin/Houston, TX.

What people are saying about Depth Counseling

December 19, 2023
This was my intake appointment and wish I would've found this place months ago. My counselor is awesome she's very dedicated to her work in helping people. I would recommend depth counseling to anyone who needs help with all kinds of counseling issues they cover so many different things. Like I said this was just my intake appointment but I already look forward to my next appointment and many more well into the future...
sarah bowlin
sarah bowlin
July 7, 2023
If you’re new to therapy, you’re in the right place. I’ve been a patient here for several months now. I also know of a few people who go here after I referred them. The interns and non-interns alike are compassionate and intelligent, though of course they have different levels of experience. This is an inclusive (in many ways) therapy practice committed to discussing and including the impact of systemic inequities on clients in treatment, which is very healing for many people. Many of their Illinois therapists accept Medicaid and I was able to find and work with therapists who offer sessions after 5pm to fit my schedule. They seem really up-to-date on research. I had a few therapists before landing with my current one, and each time, they went above and beyond to help connect me with a new therapist. I have also found my email communication with them to be really kind and caring. You can tell the high and deep regard these therapists have for their patients - I feel it with my therapist often. I haven’t experienced this with many other places. They take the well-being of clients, and the role of therapist, seriously. They offer some group therapy options, though I have yet to do them. I like the focus on trauma work that some therapists offer as trauma work is essential for many people. This place focuses specifically on psychoanalysis, so they have a specific focus on exploring the past - more than other therapy offices might - and connecting the past to current day events. This means you dig deep and it is very client-centered. You are accepted as you are and you lead the pace. It might feel slower at times, because it’s not immediately jumping to fast solutions, but getting to the roots results in deep healing, and you’ll see solutions start to naturally occur as a result. I am grateful a place likes Depth exists - wish more of their therapists had profiles on TherapyDen and Psychology Today so I could have found them earlier! Thanks to everyone here for all their hard work.
Joan Servatius
Joan Servatius
June 6, 2023
As an independent supervisor and consultant to several clinicians at Depth Counseling, I am consistently impressed with the therapists and the programs. If you are looking for a therapist who will focus on getting to know you as a unique individual and collaborating with you to develop and make the best use of a trustworthy relationship, contact Depth.
Denise Duval
Denise Duval
May 24, 2023
I’ve worked with Depth Counseling and many of their therapists for several years. I find their clinicians to be dedicated, compassionate, thoughtful, smart and steeped in psychodynamic knowledge and practice skills. Their therapists that work with children and adolescents have additional expertise in understanding and working with development as well as family dynamics. I never hesitate to refer families to Depth Counseling.
Charles Turk
Charles Turk
May 17, 2023
As a supervisor at Depth Counseling working to develop a program for the treatment of severely disturbed individuals alternative to hospitalization I have been impressed with the dedication and clinical skills of several clinicians, among them Richard Reinhart, Scott Garlinger. Amanda ElKhoury, Ray Noll . Francisco Verde and David O’Keeffe I can heartily recommend them as resourceful and competent clinicians Charles Turk

Improve your mental health with psychotherapy in Chicago and Austin/Houston.

Therapists in Chicago for Anger


Anger is a fundamental emotion that alerts us to issues, injuries, or threats. With Depth Counseling’s anger management therapy, you can address and manage the challenges posed by anger in your life.

Chicago therapist for Anxiety


Anxiety arises from conscious or subconscious factors, leading to distraction, confusion, fear of rejection or abandonment, feeling lost or overwhelmed, and intense panic. Therapy services offer effective solutions to manage anxiety and regain control over your mental well-being.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy assists romantic partners in uncovering hidden tensions, conflicts, and frustrations to address and enhance relationship satisfaction. With the guidance of a counseling therapist, couples can navigate these challenges and ultimately strengthen their bond. Couples therapy helps you understand each other better so both of you can live a fulfilling life in the long run.

Chicago Therapist for Depression | Depth Counseling


Specific symptoms of depression include persistent sadness, loss of interest, and fatigue. A Depth Counseling therapist will work closely with you to understand the underlying causes of your symptoms, offering strategies for management and improved mental well-being.

Grief Counseling in Chicago | Depth Counseling


Grief counseling is an individual therapy that helps individuals navigate the complex emotions that follow a significant loss, such as profound sadness, anger, and guilt. Counselors offer support and guidance to help individuals process their feelings and find healthy ways to cope and heal.

Therapists in Chicago for Anger

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves a small group of individuals meeting regularly with a Chicago therapist who has specialized training in the field. Together, they share experiences, offer mutual support, and gain insights, fostering personal growth and improved mental well-being.

Therapy for LGBTQIA+ people in Chicago


LGBTQIA+ therapy provides an inclusive, affirming space for individuals to address their unique challenges related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and coming out. This individual therapy aims to reduce trauma and stress responses stemming from social stigma and empower patients to embrace their authentic selves, deal with their life transitions and achieve mental well-being.



Parents can find valuable guidance and support in navigating the complexities of raising children within a therapeutic setting. A Depth Counseling therapist can help you navigate parenting challenges, improve communication, and ultimately promote stronger parent-child relationships and overall well-being.

Premarital Counseling in Chicago

premarital counseling

Premarital counseling provides couples therapy with a foundation for a strong and enduring marriage. With a therapist, you and your partner will explore communication, conflict resolution, and shared values, equipping you with valuable tools to build a loving, lasting partnership and face the challenges that may arise in your journey together.

Openings: Depth Counseling's Clinic for Psychosis & Extreme States

Psychosis & Extreme States

To treat psychosis and extreme mental states, one must focus on understanding and managing these complex conditions. At our clinic Openings, skilled therapists employ evidence-based approaches to help individuals regain control over their lives, alleviate distressing symptoms, and work towards recovery and improved mental stability.

Counseling for Trauma in Chicago


Individual therapy for trauma provides a safe space for you to analyze and heal from distressing experiences in your past. A Depth Counseling therapist can help you process your trauma, reduce its impact, and regain emotional wellness. With dialectal behavior therapy, you can empower yourself to move forward with resilience and a renewed sense of hope.

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